“Being relatively new to Salisbury, I joined Evo to meet new people and have a space for myself once a week to enjoy doing something just for me. Already I have taken part in a performance night with the group and although nervous felt totally at home with everyone. The genuine camaraderie that comes from this group is inspiring and keeps you coming back for more.”

Abbie Asadi – Member

“My passion had always been singing and I had done the odd bit with my voice but I would always stand on stage dead still and just sing with not a lot of stage presence. Now I can happily stand on stage and sing from the heart.”

Sophie Franklin – Member

“For me, being part of this supportive, caring, non-judgemental singing group, has alleviated so many of my fears about singing in front of others. Yes, I still get nervous, but I am becoming brave enough to try out for small solo parts. This would never have happened without the support of these gorgeous people.”

Barbara Townsend – Member