Weekly Rehearsal Blog – By Abbie Asadi

Rehearsals 8th November 2017

Well, if you weren’t ready to get into the Christmas spirit then you came to the wrong place!

Evo Christmas mash up was a go go go tonight. If the audience doesn’t sing along there will be trouble.

Christmas frivolity rang through tonight’s rehearsal and I’ve certainly come away feeling festive and a little tongue tied from all the words!

I don’t know about you, but I wish it could be Christmas everyday. Ding dong, ding dong!

Weekly Rehearsal Blog – By Abbie Asadi 25/10/2017

Tonight was the return of faces new and old, and Christmas tunes with all the bells and ooh aahs!


The vibe was definitely high tonight as we blasted through songs from Pentatonix and Buble.  Some may say it’s too soon for Christmas tunes, but they haven’t seen the set list we’ve got to get through before our Christmas Show on December 15th!


For most, these were brand new tunes and harmonies to learn and when brought together, melded into a beautiful sound for (soon) all to hear.


Now how many words can you rhyme with ‘please’?

Cheese, sneeze, wheeze, peas, sleaze, bees, breeze, seas, freeze, knees, skis, fleas, glees, fees, squeeze, trees, tweeze, tease, keys…




PS:  Come and catch us at our next public performance on November 25th at Salisbury Christmas Market from 4-5pm!

Weekly Rehearsal Blog – By Abbie Asadi 18/10/2017

Busy week at Evo HQ with rehearsals for Salisbury Carnival.  This week also saw more new members experience what we are all about.  They were fully immersed in the carnival rehearsal joining in with the set list.  A real balance of high energy and ‘stop you in your tracks’ ballads (Come and see us at one of our public performances to get the full experience!).


With two run throughs under our belts there was still time to run a song that has been on the peripheral for sometime, giving the group something new to get their teeth around.


A pretty jam packed session and it’s fair to say that #Evosomnia certainly set in this week!


Here’s to carnival fun and putting all the hard work into practice.

Member Blog: Barbara’s Evo Story

”I have been an EVO member, or should I say an EVO family member for approximately two years!! For me, being part of this supportive, caring, non-judgemental singing group, has alleviated so many of my fears about singing in front of others. Yes, I still get nervous, but I am becoming brave enough to try out for small solo parts.


This would never have happened without the support of these gorgeous people. Lilli brings fun to our rehearsals, brings out the best in all of us, giving EVO its unique sound.


Anyone who enjoys singing just has to give us a try. You will have a warm welcome.”

Barbara Townsend – Member