Welcome to The Evolution Choir

Where strangers become family, anxiety becomes confidence and singing becomes something you can’t live without!

If you want to learn how to sing and meet new friends whilst having ridiculous amounts of fun, then you’re in the right place!

The Evolution Choir is ALL about having fun, making friends and enjoying a good sing-song on a regular basis.

  •  If you’ve been looking for a new hobby;
  • If you’ve always wanted to give singing a try;
  • If you need to put the fun back into your life;
  • If you need to get some time back that is just for you;
  • And if you want to make friends for life then this is the choir for you!
No experience, no auditions, no problem!

We want to make Evolution accessible to as many people as possible and we therefore don’t ask our members to audition before joining the group.

 Some of our BEST singers have been people who would have run a mile at the thought of doing an audition upfront.  We believe the ability to shine is within everyone and it just takes the right environment to bring that out.

 For anyone who would like to build confidence performing in front of others, we offer plenty of nurturing and supportive opportunities to do this.  But on day one?  You can just come along and soak up the atmosphere!  No expectations, no pressure and definitely no auditions!



As part of The Evolution Choir you will be given plenty of opportunities to perform both as part of the group and in smaller groups or even on your own if you wish.

But this is important:  Whilst performances are always encouraged they are never forced!  You will do your first group performance when you feel ready.  You will perform your first solo when you feel ready.  You know best when it comes to deciding this and we will be there cheering you on every step of the way!

Here are some of the ways in which you can perform as part of Evolution:

Our regular group performances – We perform at charity events, festivals and even some weddings as well as hosting our own big show once a year.

Monthly solo spots – Once a month we offer each member the opportunity to get up and sing for the rest of the group.  This can be any song you like and for any duration.  Some people do a verse, others do a whole song.  You’re in total control over this.

Monthly song auditions – Ok, so we know we said no auditions to join and we meant it!  But occasionally we do hold auditions to choose the lead singers for our group songs and that’s what this is!  Again, participation is always encouraged but never forced and this is actually something that lots of our members enjoy working up to.

Regular Performance Nights – These are the highlight of our social calendar!  We all pile to a local venue with full PA and all our friends and family and then members of the group get up and perform either solo, duo or as part of a group.

Bottom line?  Life is too short to deprive yourself of the things that bring you joy.  If singing is one of those things and if any of this has sparked excitement in you then we’d love you to join us!

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Founded in 2007 by Singing Teacher and Confidence Coach Lilli Badcock, the group has built a reputation over the years as a fun and supportive environment to build confidence, learn to sing and make new friends.

There are no auditions to join the group and whilst every member is given the opportunity to sing a solo, there is no pressure to do so.  As Lilli says “Singing solo is always encouraged, but never forced”.


Having experienced choirs and group singing herself, Lilli wanted to create a new breed of singing group which focused very much on the fun element of singing and performing as well as moving away from some of the more traditional choir songs.


Evo (as it’s affectionately referred to by it’s members) will take well known songs and mash them together to create unique and awesome arrangements that cannot be experienced anywhere else!



Evo offers the unique combination of professional training with a huge element of FUN!  The harmony arrangements are awesome.  The vocal training is second to none.  But as Lilli will often be heard saying, “If it’s not fun, what’s the point!”  As a result this group is a force of nature and anyone watching can’t help but feel uplifted!



Over the years Evo have performed at some amazing concerts and events.  From the sell out audience at Swansea Grand Theatre when they shared the stage with Louise Dearman, Rhydian Roberts and a 50 piece orchestra, to their most recent performance at the Salisbury Christmas Lights event in front of 15,000 people, there are always amazing experiences to be shared when you’re part of the group.



Ok, ok…we know how that sounds but listen up.  A huge part of why Evolution works so well is because it is run from pure passion and a love of performing.  Lilli has a genuine love for singing, people and helping others to live life to the full!  So whether you are part of the group or an audience member you can’t help but experience that!



The sheer power of the vocals and the ability this has to lift your mood is truly something!  Many of the groups’ members say that their weekly dose of Evo is like therapy!

  • Weekly rehearsals during term time
  • Additional rehearsals prior to bigger shows at no extra cost
  • Live performance opportunities both within the group and as a soloist if you wish
  • 25% off private singing lessons with Lilli Badcock
  • Access to unique vocal arrangements via newsletter
  • All backing tracks and lyrics supplied
  • Regular Performance Nights to gain experience and build confidence



We would love to hear from you if you are interested in joining Evolution!

You can email any initial enquiries to Lilli Badcock at lillibadcock@gmail.com.  Alternatively fill out our registration form below and we will get back in touch shortly.

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