Member Blog: Shelley’s Evo Story

“I first joined Evolution in May 2017, Lilli suggested I join up after I had completed 8 sessions on the Find Your Voice Programme.

As a holistic therapist I was exploring where I love to be creative, and how could I use what I love to promote  balance within. I decided to reignite something I used to do a lot as a child, church/school, and was always an eager participant to get up and do karaoke.

Listening to music and singing has always played a big part in my life, and through recent worries that I might not sound good enough, there was a period of time that I had dismissed openly singing, if I sang along to a track, I would sing quietly, I could hear myself, but no one else could, I would work hard to sound good, but never really accepted anyone else telling me that I did. I would feel extreme discomfort if anyone heard me!.

When I discovered that Lilli works with those who experience anxiety, I knew instantly she was the person that would help me discover and work with my voice again, motivate me to push past my self limiting boundaries, giving me refreshed outlook and bags of confidence.

I knew I already had it in there, but it helps to have a group of people who not only support you, they are so much fun to work with! The sound when everyone sings together lifts you up, it’s just what I needed mid week! As a busy mum of three, I find it so beneficial taking time out, this is when I push the reset button and the stress melts away.”

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