Member Blog: Sophie’s Evo Story

I joined Evolution back in 2015 hoping to use my voice more and build my  confidence. I turned up to my free taster session and sat up the soprano end, everyone was SO welcoming!

I honestly have never looked back since that day, hand on heart one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My passion had always been singing and I had done the odd bit with my voice but I would always stand on stage dead still and just sing with not a lot of stage presence. Now I can happily stand on stage and sing from the heart.

I feel that I have found ‘me’ found ‘my voice’ and that is all down to Evolution, in fact it’s mainly down to the beautiful, talented, amazing Lilli Badcock our singing tutor.  Lilli makes every Wednesday fun!  She puts so much into Evolution and is such a positive person to be around, bursting with enthusiasm, passion and humour – Lilli makes Evolution what it is.

I have made friends for life through Evo and we all agree that we are like one big family. Evolution has changed my life!


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