Do More Of What You Love!

Life is short.

One minute you’re running around a playground and grazing your knee and the next minute you’re up to your eyeballs in bills and work and the daily stresses of every day life.

As adults I think it’s so easy to forget to do the things that make us smile.  We forget that it’s ok to be silly and that we still get to have fun.  We get so wrapped up in helping everyone else around us that we forget to put ourselves first.

We even start to believe that putting ourselves first is wrong.  Selfish.  But we’re wrong.  Because when we put ourselves first we remember how to smile.  We allow the joy back in and as a result everyone around us benefits too.   Life gets a little easier again and the stress starts to melt away.

So the message here is simple.  Find what you love to do and then do it!  Every. Single. Day!

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